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Author Sheri Meshal shares her experience with animal communication

I believe two things above all else:
1) Everything is unfolding as it should for the greater good and
2) Every challenge is an opportunity for growth.
I have a bit of an unusual perspective when it comes to animal communication, because I used to be a hypnotherapist. I worked with clients’ higher selves daily. Some of us worry about who will greet our animal on the other side when they transition back to spirit and return home. There’s no need to worry about this, regardless of the circumstances in which your animal transitions. Whether your animal experiences a sudden and unexpected passing or a long illness ending in euthanasia, I can assure you that the best possible person will be greeting them with loving open arms, because it will be you. Your higher self, the part of you that helps guide and protect you throughout your journey here, along with other dear friends of theirs in spirit, will be greeting your beloved animal when they transition.
We have soul contracts with every one of our animals and they’re our master teachers, often teaching us difficult lessons better than anyone else can, because they know us better than anyone else does. Often they save our most difficult lessons for last, such as teaching us to trust ourselves to make the correct decision regarding their passing or teaching us to put our own health first, after many sleepless nights caring for them, as was the case with a recent client.
A few days ago, during a session a dog named Noir sent me a visual image of a chain of daisies and told me that every one of our animals are a daisy on this ethereal chain we wear for the rest of our lives. I was so touched and comforted by his brilliant analogy it still brings tears to my eyes. The cows I played with as a child who were butchered to feed our family, the dog I loved so much who I witnessed getting run over by my school bus, my ponies who had to be put down… they are all part of my chain of daisies, along with many other beloved animals. You may believe that you chose the date and time of your animal’s euthansia or that it was your fault that your animal slipped out and met an untimely demise, but nothing could be further from the truth. They want you to take a deep breath right now and release any guilt or regret you may have surrounding their passing, because your perception is an illusion. Our animals choose the day and time of their passing, as well as who is and is not present.
A number of animals have described it to me like a play, your final performance together during this lifetime. They will often remind their human who has just made an appointment to have them euthanized, that they’re keeping their end of your shared soul contract and you need to keep yours and play your role just as you promised you would. Not once has an animal told me that they wish things would’ve been done differently. Instead, they say that everyone played their role perfectly and everyone was in attendance who was supposed to be. They also have never once said they’re in pain. To the contrary, they often say their first sensations after transitioning back to spirit are things like “My legs work! I can run! I can fly!” or “I can see!”
If you have ever considered taking an animal communication class, please don’t put it off any longer. I talked myself out of it repeatedly for years. This past year, I finally discovered a teacher who I could really relate to. Search for a teacher who resonates with you today, because this work will bring you so much joy and completely change your life. The animals open your heart like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Can you imagine what a different world this would be, if we had armies of animal communicators all over the world?
I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and share more details regarding my journey via email at or you may contact me through my site at On TikTok, my primary platform, it’s @sherimeshal. On Instagram it’s rawnomadiclens. On Twitter it’s @sherimeshal. On Facebook it’s both Sheri Meshal and Raw Nomadic Lens. My weekly podcast is also called Raw Nomadic Lens and on YouTube I’m Sheri Meshal – RNL podcaster and Animal Communicator.

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