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Self-care is important, especially when grieving the loss of a pet


We all hear talk about the importance of self-care. But think about it: How do you feel just after a hot shower? A hot cup of tea or coffee? What about a walk in the woods or sitting in the park or a garden? Self-care doesn’t have to be an elaborate thing that you plan out hours of your time to do (but spa days are magical!)… It is about letting yourself enjoy life, even just for 5 minutes.

What can you do if you have a little amount of time? What will bring you a little joy today? Maybe it is an extra few minutes to use that mud mask stashed away in the bathroom drawer, or asking for a style after your next haircut. What about indulging in your favorite treat–and really savoring it. You deserve it. We deserve it. Life is meant to be lived. If you are grieving or not, taking care of yourself is respecting yourself. Comment below if you agree, and what you do to enjoy life?


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