Coping with Pet Loss: Expert Insights from a Licensed Counselor

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Wolfie’s Wish is committed to providing simple healing practices and resources for those suffering from pet loss.

The Original Grieving Cards are an award-winning first-of-their-kind product. Each card provides a simple, daily action, reflection or affirmation to help you begin your pet loss journey.

All of our products can be customized or modified for your industry or profession to align with your values and mission.

Erica Messer


After the sudden passing of her beloved cat, Wolfgang, Erica embarked on a heartfelt quest to find a simple way to cope with her grief. Frustrated by the lack of suitable products, and encouraged by her mother, Bonnie, she created the perfect solution: Pet Loss Grieving Cards. Thus, Wolfie’s Wish was born. These cards garnered worldwide attention after receiving a prestigious “Best New Product” award at the esteemed Superzoo trade show in 2022.

Erica is a board certified pet bereavement specialist and coach and leads a free monthly virtual support group and is also an in-demand international speaker and (fanfare) is releasing her first full-length book in the Summer of 2024.

In February 2024, she is releasing Wolfie’s Wish Pet Loss Podcast with celebrity interviews on coping strategies on pet loss.

With clinical musical training, she helps people navigate their grief through the healing power of music. 

Erica’s artistic talents also shine through her hand-painted pet portraits, showcasing her love for animals and dedication to capturing their spirits on canvas. She both wrote and illustrated the captivating story “Tails Of Spirit Pets” and Tails of Spirit Cats Books.

Erica’s profound love for music, animals, and her unwavering desire to support others in their healing journeys make her an exceptional and inspiring individual, touching the lives of many with her unique blend of creativity, compassion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Bonnie Bradley

Sr. Product Manager

Bonnie is a retired RN from Sarnia, Ontario. She has been a chronic cat lover for over 25 years. She lives in Gainesville, Florida with her husband and two cats. Bonnie (Erica’s Mom) proposed that Erica bring her Pet Loss Grieving Cards to the market. It was also her idea to name the company Wolfie’s Wish, in honor of Erica’s dearly departed cat who inspired the creation of Grieving Cards.

Saskia Kostka

Executive Asst
Sr. Product Manager

Following the unexpected passing of her soul dog Taps, Saskia set up an Instagram account to connect with other bereaved pet owners. In her aim to offer support to fellow pet grievers, she reached out to Erica and eventually became valuable member of the Wolfie’s Wish team.

As an aspiring pet loss bereavement counsellor and a post-graduate student of an English Literatures and Cultures degree, Saskia is currently working on her master’s thesis which explores the healing potential of literature in pet loss grief.

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