Coping with Pet Loss: Expert Insights from a Licensed Counselor

Logo of Wolfie's Wish. We offer support and resources for those suffering from pet loss.


Wolfie’s Wish is committed to providing simple healing practices and resources for those suffering from pet loss.

Our products provide gentle support to facilitate self-care, forgiveness and acceptance. In addition, we source sustainable materials and choose shipping methods that reduce our carbon footprint.

Grieving Cards are designed to provide emotional relief. These three unique decks of cards are suitable for people of all ages and aid in the grief process in a gentle, healthy way. Each card provides a simple action, reflection or affirmation on topics of self-care, forgiveness and letting go of guilt associated with the passing of a pet.

Erica Messer

After the sudden passing of her beloved cat, Wolfgang, Erica embarked on a heartfelt quest to find a simple way to cope with her grief. Frustrated by the lack of suitable products, and encouraged by her mother, Bonnie, she took matters into her own hands and created the perfect solution: Pet Loss Grieving Cards. Thus, Wolfie’s Wish was born, and the innovative concept of Grieving Cards garnered widespread attention, culminating in Erica’s creation receiving a prestigious “Best New Product” award at the esteemed Superzoo tradeshow in 2022.

Beyond her entrepreneurial success, Erica finds solace and joy in her love for music, captivating audiences with mesmerizing performances of pop and rock covers on the harp. She has also pursued clinical musical training, to help people navigate their grief journey through the healing power of music. Additionally, she aspires to provide soothing music for palliative care in animal hospices—a deeply compassionate and inspiring endeavor.

Erica’s artistic talents also shine through her hand-painted pet portraits, showcasing her love for animals and dedication to capturing their spirits on canvas. Her creativity extends to her works, “Tails Of Spirit Cats” and soon-to-be-released “Tails Of Spirit Dogs,” where she both wrote and illustrated captivating stories.

In conclusion, Erica’s journey from loss to innovation is a testament to her remarkable resilience and boundless ingenuity. Her profound love for music, animals, and her unwavering desire to support others in their healing journeys make her an exceptional and inspiring individual, touching the lives of many with her unique blend of creativity, compassion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Residing in the picturesque city of Munich, Germany, Erica shares her life with her loving husband and three cherished feline companions: Pichi, Millie, and Vanilli Bean. Their presence brings immeasurable joy and reinforces Erica’s profound connection and empathy for animals.

Bonnie Bradley
Sr. Product Manager

Bonnie is a retired RN from Sarnia, Ontario. She has been a chronic cat lover for over 25 years. She lives in Gainesville, Florida with her husband and two cats.

Bonnie (Erica’s Mom) proposed that Erica bring her Pet Loss Grieving Cards to the market. It was also her idea to name the company Wolfie’s Wish, in honor of Erica’s dearly departed cat who inspired the creation of Grieving Cards.