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Consulting Packages

Compassionate Product And Service Development

You can make difference for your customers and employees.

Why Work With Us?

Comfort Cards is the sole company dedicated to assisting your employees and customers in coping with pet loss increasing talent retention, productivity and loyalty.

Consulting packages offer numerous advantages.

Strategic Support

Developing solutions that will differentiate your business


Unique solutions based on your brand, mission and culture.

Example offerings

  • Virtual Course
  • Virtual Support
  • PDF downloads (books)
  • Books and Guides
  • Products for families (activity guides, books)
  • Helpful Gifts from our partners
  • Collaboration with pet end-of-life care services
  • Private Label of existing Wolfie’s Wish branded products
  • Brochures
  • Greeting Cards
  • Paid Time Off for Bereavement Leave

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