Coping with Pet Loss: Expert Insights from a Licensed Counselor

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Dealing with Pet Loss: Wolfie’s Wish

Kristen Sze interviews Erica Messer, founder of Wolfie’s Wish, to discuss various coping mechanisms people can utilize to help process their grief when losing their pet.


Brilliant Tips To Help You Cope With Pet Bereavement

In this episode meet Erica Messer of Wolfies Wish to get valuable advice on how to support yourself as well as other people, such as clients, through pet loss grief.

Useful Tools to Deal With Grief

In this episode, Erica shares about her recovery journey that led her to establish Wolfie’s Wish. Tune in to explore how Erica’s initiative has become a source of solace and support for those navigating the challenging process of pet loss. 

Healing From Pet Loss Grief

I’m so grateful to Erica for sharing her grief journey with us and the coping skills and tools she learned along the way. Erica also holds space for me as I share about the unexpected loss of Penny in January 2023. We also discuss that the struggle that many of us feel to not show our emotions when we’re not ok. Erica & I believe: It’s ok not be ok.

Erica Messer, Founder of Wolfie’s Wish

Tammy Takaishi, a Board Certified-Music Therapist, converses with Erica about pet loss grief and various methods to grieve and cope with the loss of a beloved pet. Erica’s profound love for music, animals, and her unwavering desire to support others in their healing journeys make her an exceptional and inspiring individual, touching the lives of many with her unique blend of creativity, compassion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

May, 08, 2023

Wolfie’s Wish — Support for Pet Loss Grief

Tracie Hotchner talks with Erica Messer creator Wolfie’s Wish pet grief products — in particular her “grief cards” which she made when she was devastated after the tragic death of her kitty. With her mother’s support, she turned her grief into helping others with the same struggle.

Feb 08, 2023

A Chat With Erica Messer

If you have struggled with the loss of a pet, then this episode is for you! When Erica Messer’s cat, Wolfgang, fell off her apartment roof and died, she knew she had to find ways to heal.

Navigating Pet Loss with Erica Messer

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs specific to pet loss and how Erica Messer changed the trajectory of her life after the loss of her cat Wolfgang and created Wolfie’s Wish. Visit her website to check out or purchase her deck of grieving cards specific for the loss of a pet. You can find Erica on Instagram @Wolfies_wish.

Normalizing and Acknowledging Pet Loss Grief

This episode is about the impact of pet loss. Pet loss often goes unacknowledged, is compared with other losses, and then minimized or is met with statements that invalidate the grief that is experienced. ‘It was just a cat’ and other unhelpful comments undermine the real experience of the grief pet owners go through. 

Wolfie’s Wish. Gentle pet loss healing tools.

Dr. Robert and Dr. Sam sit down with Erica Messer, founder of Wolfie’s Wish, a company focused on helping pet parents grieve the loss of a beloved pet.  Erica tragically learned first hand how important it is to have support when you lose a pet. She has created a truly comprehensive resource to help those in need.  Join us as we discuss pet loss and some amazing resources that are available through Wolfie’s wish.

Dec 07, 2022

Making Wolfie’s Wish with Erica Messer
If you have struggled with the loss of a pet, then this episode is for you! Erica Messer openly shares the Wolfie’s Wish story, it’s unique products, and her journey of healing from pet loss grief. 

Dealing with Pet Loss and Grief

A pet loss webinar by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCERT).

Mar 29, 2023

Episode 4, Season 3

Erica Messer discusses creating a safe space for people experiencing pet loss grief, her illustrated book, animal loss affirmation cards, and additional pet loss grief resources.

Useful Tools to Help Deal the Grief – Discussion Between Erica Messer & Dr. Becker

In this interview Dr. Becker talks with Erica Messer, a pet parent who lost her beloved cat Wolfgang in a very traumatic way and was thrown headfirst into a sea of grief she had no idea how to navigate.

Sep 13, 2022

Dealing with Pet Loss: Wolfie’s Wish

Liz Murdoch discusses pet loss with Erica Messer, creator of Pet Loss Grieving Cards and founder of Wolfie’s Wish, a Super Zoo 2022 Best New Products winner.

May 30, 2023

It’s Ok to Grieve for Your Pets

In this Jersey PodCats episode, Wolfie’s Wish founder, Erica Messer, discussed the societal stigma surrounding pet loss grief, shedding light on the often unspoken struggle that many individuals face when grappling with the loss of a cherished animal companion.

Feb 21, 2023

Turning Loss into a Heartfelt Mission With Erica Messer

Join family therapists and authors Nancy Saxton-Lopez and Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio as they speak with Erica Messer about how she channeled her grief into creating a business that helps others heal from pet loss grief.

Online Publications

Oct 31, 2022

Wolfie’s Wish is featured in this special holiday gift list geared toward dog owners and their humans written by Kristen Levine, a nationally acclaimed pet expert.

Aug 29, 2022 showcased some of the best products at SuperZoo 2022, including the Best New Product Winner, Wolfie’s Wish.

Nov 20, 2022

Pets Plus Mag features Wolfie’s Wish illustrated deck of Grieving Cards in a list of new and notable pet products.

Feb 22, 2023

Pet Living with Kristen Levine features Wolfie’s Wish as an option for those who wish to memorialize their departed pets.

Feb 22, 2023

Tri-W News dives into Erica Messer’s experience with pet loss and how she transformed her pain into a helpful resource for others — Wolfie’s Wish.

Mar 3, 2023

The Weekly Post NC column ‘Passionate Pet Care’ interviewed Wolfie’s Wish. This is part 2 of a previous interview with owner and founder of Wolfie’s Wish, Erica Messer, which covers the far-reaching impact her products have had on others.

Oct 18, 2023

This interview series aims to showcase visionary leaders and their “status quo-breaking” approach to doing business. As part of this series, Chad Silverstein had the pleasure of interviewing Erica Messer for Authority Magazine

Speaking Engagements

Erica is the first person to be announced at The Most Pawsome Pet Conference. Aimed at providers for the Pet Care industry, the conference will be held in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, 15-16th November. Tickets now on sale 

A pet loss webinar by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCERT).

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