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Tails of Spirit Cats – A Heartwarming Children’s Book About Pet Loss

Tails Of Spirit Cats is a heartwarming book for anyone who has lost their furry friend. It will touch the hearts of readers of all ages, as it inspires you to imagine your own spirit cat or spirit dog enjoying adventures like never before. Imagine your furry friend on a trip to the grocery store, being pampered at the nail salon, or riding the subway!

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About ‘Tails of Spirit Cats’

Take a journey with the magical Spirit Cat as it travels the world, exploring delights that regular cats cannot.

Author and illustrator, Erica Messer says, “After losing my cat to a tragic fall, I felt comfort by imagining him in fun places and situations. It always made me smile, so I expanded on those thoughts and began making daily sketches that turned into this book! I hope it inspires others to smile through pain and w courage’s both children and adults to imagine their own “spirit cat” or “spirit dog” having adventures.


  • 9×6 inch softcover
  • 46 pages
  • Black and white print on premium glossy paper


Written and Illustrated by Erica Messer

© Copyright 2022, Erica Messer and Wolfie’s Wish


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Dimensions 9 × 6 × .5 cm

2 reviews for Tails of Spirit Cats – A Heartwarming Children’s Book About Pet Loss

  1. Inga

    I got a copy of this book when I donated to Erica’s fundraising efforts earlier in her journey. The book is written with lightness and humor, and is great for kids to imagine their cat being able to have all these fun experiences that real cats can not have. There are many cute details, while at the same time, the wording and the illustrations are very simple. Can’t wait for Erica to write a book about spirit dogs 😉🐕

  2. Karen

    Hi Erica, I just received the book!
    It is just lovely & sooo lovingly done!!
    I wish you great success in all endeavors!
    And thanks for creating & sharing such a Positive outlook!
    Best Regards & hugs all round!!

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