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Anticipating the first anniversary of your pet’s death


Months leading up to Wolfgang’s death, I thought I was prepared, strong and that it would be fine. As the days approached, however, I started to feel anxious and emotional. I decided to make a video tribute that included other people’s pets so I could share the day and feel supported. It also honors other people that are struggling. Being a harpist, it only seemed appropriate to play harp to the video.

Practicing the medley was very emotional, but I gave myself enough time to “get it all out” so that I could be professional on the day. It was very special to livestream it on Instagram and you can see the YouTube video here:

I suggest having a plan for the day because you never know what will come up. I had a roller coaster of a day. I chose to do the same thing I had done the year before which was RUN! This year, I had a friend join me and after the run had a nice bath. Everyone is different so just ASK YOURSELF what you want to do/need to do. I recommend having a friend or family member you can call on if things get hard and remember, it is ok to hurt and cry. Give yourself space to feel whatever you need to feel and remember that this too, shall pass.

It helped me to remember one of my Wolfie’s Wish Grieving Cards which says “The amount of pain that I feel is equal to the love that I gave.”

If you need extra help, please check out the resources page here and always get professional help if you need it.





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