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Understanding Pet Loss with Reagan Pasternak


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If you’re working through pet loss grief or have done so in the past, I want you to know you’re not the only one.

Those first few stages of grief, for a lot of people, are incredibly overwhelming. You’re trying to readjust to a new void in your life. This furry being, who was by your side all the time, is gone. As a result, doing basic daily tasks can be too much. It can be difficult to maintain your work schedule or, if you’re a mom, to be fully present for family duties.

Introducing Reagan Pasternak

In this episode of the Wolfie’s Wish Pet Loss Support podcast, I welcomed Reagan Pasternak, an actress, writer, and creator based in Los Angeles. We discussed her book, “Griffin’s Heart: Mourning Your Pet With No Apologies,” which helps people cope with pet loss.

Join us in this episode where we discuss:

  • Guardians of Being: The spiritual side of pets and their influence in our lives.
  • Writing as Therapy: Reagan discusses how writing about her grief, memories, and feelings helped her untangle her emotions and heal gradually.
  • Grief is an Active Emotion: The grief journey includes embracing the love and memories, not just the pain.
  • Ceremonial Healing: The importance of ceremonial healing practices, like affirmations, candles, and blankets, to honor and remember lost pets.

Grab your earbuds and join us for this week’s episode of the Wolfie’s Wish Pet Loss Support podcast.

Click here to tune into Season 01, Episode 01: Reagan Pasternak.

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Wishing you peace and comfort.



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