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How a Cat Named Wolfgang Sparked a Compassionate Movement


As many pet parents can attest, animal companions bring a lot of joy, comfort, and companionship to our lives. Naturally, losing a cherished pet can stir emotions of deep sadness and it can take time to heal. While pet loss grief is difficult, it can also result in finding meaning, connections, and unexpected opportunities that leave a positive impact.

Rescuing a kitten named Wolfgang was a turning point in my life that paved the way to my own unexpected path. I was looking to adopt a pet early in the pandemic. When I first laid eyes on Wolfgang, he had an eye infection and was at risk of losing his eye. Taking him in was an act of compassion and the beginning of a sad but remarkable journey.

Our Brief Time Together

Little did I know this tiny bundle of fur would become my soul cat. From the moment we brought him home, it was obvious that Wolfgang was different. He was playful, affectionate, and had a wild, unique spirit that touched everyone he met.

Tragically, our time together was brief, as Wolfgang’s life was cut short at the age of one. Grieving the loss of Wolfgang was incredibly challenging. We had developed a deep bond that made saying goodbye all the more painful. I felt incredibly alone in the experience and wondered if I was the only one to feel such deep grief over a pet.

The Journey to Heal My Grief

As I sought healing resources and support, I realized my pet loss grief was far from unusual. Countless others also experience deep sadness from losing a cherished pet. That’s when I realized Wolfgang’s life and passing could make a positive impact, and I became determined to channel my pain into something meaningful. Thus, Wolfie’s Wish was born, a company that provides solace, support, and resources to pet parents coping with the loss of their dearly departed animal companions.

Wolfgang’s Legacy

Wolfgang left this world too soon, but his legacy lives on through Wolfie’s Wish. The bond we shared has forever changed my life and his memory is stamped on my heart. In honoring his memory, I have discovered a deeper purpose in offering comfort to others experiencing the pain of losing a beloved pet. Wolfgang, my soul cat, will forever be the inspiration and motivation to help others navigate the challenging journey of pet loss.

If you are also on a journey to heal from pet loss, know that your emotions are valid. Healing takes time and can open the door to unexpected beauty, meaning, connections, and opportunities. Trust in the process and know that good things and better days lie ahead.

Wishing you peace and healing,

Erica Messer


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