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Finding Solace in Pet Loss: Wolfie’s Wish Grieving Cards Now on Amazon


pet loss grieving cardsSaying goodbye to a pet is hard. We understand that. Your furry friend was a cherished member of your family, and their loss leaves a hole in your heart that can be tough to heal. At Wolfie’s Wish – a brand born from pet loss – we understand this too. Our founder, Erica Messer, has designed an innovative and effective tool to support you through your grieving process: Wolfie’s Wish Grieving Cards for Pet Parents.

Healing is Just a Click Away for Amazon Prime Members

The best part? You can easily find them on Amazon, ready to quickly deliver some much-needed peace and comfort. For Amazon Prime members, not only do you get these comforting cards, but you get them quickly, with no shipping cost. Wherever you are in your grief journey, you can have these cards with you every step of the way.

What are Wolfie’s Wish Grieving Cards for Pet Parents?

Countless pet parents have used these unique cards that have been specially designed to help you take care of yourself during this sad time. A deck consists of 30 cards, each with a comforting message on both sides. Messages like “I cherish the time we had together” and “I can visualize my pet with me anywhere, anytime” help you remember the good times while guiding you through the pain. Used daily, these cards can help you find the strength to start a new, hopeful day.

The Story Behind Grieving Cards

These cards aren’t just a good idea. They’ve been given a big thumbs-up by grief counselors and therapists from around the world. And why are these cards so good? It all begins with the story behind them. When Erica lost her beloved cat, Wolfgang, she felt lost. To deal with her own sadness, she created these cards and found that they helped. Erica’s mother, Bonnie, realized that these cards could help others too. And that’s how Wolfie’s Wish came to be. Since then, many people have shared how the cards have helped them through their pet loss.

Many people from around the world have sent notes and letters about how Grieving Cards have helped them. Chantal is one such person who shared, “By chance, a friend of mine sent me this precious deck of cards by Erica. It was sooo precious to me and my family. We felt understood with our grief. Some gentle humor made us smile through our tears. I would change the quote every day in plain view of my family and everybody would read it, smile, or just nod. The touching intention smoothed our grief process. THANK YOU Erica!!!.”

Grief is Natural and Healing Will Come

It’s never easy to say goodbye to our furry friends. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to grieve. Wolfie’s Wish Grieving Cards for Pet Parents are there to remind you of that as they gently guide you toward healing one day at a time. You don’t have to walk this path alone. Let Wolfie’s Wish and its healing cards help you find your way to peace after the loss of your pet.


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