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Pet Loss and Grief: 5 Ways to Honor your Beloved Pet by Saskia Kostka


pet loss and griefRemembering our pets in meaningful ways can be incredibly supportive when healing from pet loss and grief. Our Wolfie’s Wish Pet Loss Grieving Cards offer wonderful advice on how to honor your pet, but because helping pet parents grieve is our number one priority we have created a list of five more ways to memorialize your animal companion.

Here are 5 simple ways to honor your beloved pet:

Write a poem about them.

Creative expression can be one of the most powerful tools to showcase love for your pet. Grab a pen and any spare sheet of paper and let your memories inspire you to write a poem about them. There are no rules – just let your mind wander and your hand will do the rest!

Create a photo album

Most of our photos are stored on our phones nowadays but printing them out and creating a physical photo album of our pets is a soothing way to hold on to our shared memories. Bonus tip: ask family and friends to share stories of your beloved to write down and go along with the photos.

Include them in important festivities.

Facing holidays and important milestones without our pets can be hard, so including them in the festivities is a great way to honor them. Getting married? Choose a bouquet that represents their colors! Sending Christmas cards? Design a special card with their photo on it. The possibilities are endless, so just let your creativity flow.

Make a donation in their name.

If you are struggling with the thought of your pet’s upcoming birthday or anniversary, consider making a donation in the name of your pet. Choose an animal rescue or another great cause to continue their legacy.

Create a social media account for them.

Another great way to share photos, memories, and even videos can be to create a social media page for your beloved pet. It also enables you to reach out and make friends with other people who are healing from pet loss and grief.

Which way do you choose to honor your pet? Let us know in the comments down below!


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