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Tails Of Spirit Pets Coloring Book

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Follow the Spirit Pets as they set out on adventures after crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Based on the original book TAILS OF SPIRIT CATS.


Black and white illustrations and text.


*Also available on and Kindle!


After tragically losing her beloved cat, Wolfgang, Erica discovered a way to transform her pain into purpose. Since launching her original pet loss grieving cards, she has used her wonderful imagination and artistic talents to expand Wolfie’s Wish into a complete line of pet loss products designed to support grieving pet parents. Tails of Spirit Pets Coloring Book helps kids with their grief journey. It provides an outlet and an opportunity for children to process what might be their first experience with death and loss. This comforting coloring book allows kids to use their imagination in a positive way, placing pets in a number of playful scenarios. It gives them a chance to imagine their own pet partaking in fun activities and tell a story along the way. Remembering how their pet lived, instead of focusing on how they died. It’s a helpful tool for parents who may not be sure what to do or say. The book prompts the sharing of the special memories that we want to hold in our hearts. It promotes togetherness and provides permission to express emotions. Adults who find coloring relaxing and therapeutic may enjoy it too! It is my honor to recommend Erica’s coloring book and ALL that Wolfie’s Wish has to offer. 

Crystal Soucy
Certified Pet Loss Grief Coach

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