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8×10” Custom Pet Portrait in Acrylic

There’s nothing like the connections we make with our furry companions. Honor your beloved pet’s memory with a custom, hand-painted portrait by Wolfie’s Wish. Just send us your favorite photo and we will do the rest! Original, commemorative artwork arrives four weeks after you submit your pet’s photo by email.



Memorial pet portraits hold significant value for people who have lost their beloved pets. These portraits serve as a tribute and a way to remember and honor the cherished companionship they shared with their pets. Pet owners often develop deep emotional connections with their animals, and memorial portraits can help them cope with the grief and provide comfort by preserving the memory of their pets in a tangible and artistic form. These portraits can capture the unique characteristics and personality of the pet, serving as a lasting tribute to the special bond they had.


  • 8 inch x 10 inch canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • If more than one subject is desired per portrait, please contact us.


  • After checkout, please send your desired pet photo to


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