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The Holidays Without Your Pet

holidays without your pet

The holidays without your pet can be tougholidays without your peth. Whether you remember special memories or have lost a pet during the Holidays, it is important to take care of yourself.

You don’t have to say yes to every party invitation and social gathering. Maybe just hanging at home with your favorite movie is more your thing. The point is to listen to yourself and do what you need to do to nurture your feelings and stay balanced. I take extra baths with candles in Winter. I have all kinds of soaps and bubbles to help me relax (and stay warm!).

Honor your pet

Honoring your pet with a special candle, or meaningful ornaments to display can help you remember them and have positive memories. Maybe you can even have their name said to remember: They were here. They were loved. You were loved. The next time you order at Starbucks, put your pet’s name on the order! You will be surprised at how good it feels to hear their name said aloud: “WOLFGANG” 🙂

Resources to cope during the holidays without your pet

If you would like more resources to cope during the holidays without your pet, visit our Pet Loss Resources page, as well as our Shop page. You will find links to products, books, websites, and counselors who may help to ease the pain during these difficult times.

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