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Give Grief A Chance with Diane Morgan

Have you been looking for some signs that show you might be avoiding your grief?  On a daily basis either consciously or unconsciously, we use avoidance in some way shape, or form. We will especially use it when we have to deal with thoughts and feelings that are uncomfortable and cause pain. Many use avoidance when it comes to grief because they may not want or are not prepared to face their heartache so they will try to avoid it. However, avoidance doesn’t work for us. Listen to grief coach Diane Morgan for more on this at

Diane Morgan is a Mindset and Grief Recovery Coach and Hypnotist. She provides both online and 1-to-1 in-person Grief Recovery support services.

Diane grew up in England and, in her early twenties, her passion for adventure lured her off to sail around the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. She finally washed ashore on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard where she has lived for nearly thirty years, happily raising her family and creating her own businesses.

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