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Dealing With Pet Loss


Are you feeling lost after the death of your pet?

You may be in for a challenging time, but there is hope. The way we experience grief over our pets can differ and every journey to healing takes different forms. However, uniquely wonderful results often spring forth from difficult life events like these too.

Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to appear on the podcast, “Talking with the dogs”. The host of the show, Liz Murdoch, and I discussed “Dealing With Pet Loss”. Liz also recently lost a beloved pet. We discussed our pet loss grief journeys, and I shared how losing my cat, Wolfgang, led to beautiful new connections and opportunities.

If you’re having trouble finding peace with tragedy, then consider giving attention to other perspectives or re-framing what has happened. While a loss feels like a bitter end, it can also bring unexpected gifts to your experience. It’s in these trying times that you may find yourself forging deeper connections with those around you. You may also be inspired in unexpected ways and even have rich experiences you’d never dreamed of before.

Here is just some of what we covered in the podcast:

  • How positively channeling grief can create unexpected results
  • What can happen when you reach acceptance
  • An exercise to bring joy, even in the sad times
  • Animal Communication as a tool for connecting
  • And more!

It is my hope that this podcast, and the Wolfie’s Wish blog, might help take some weight off your shoulders and lift your spirits.

For more on Liz Murdoch’s work with Animal Communication and helping pet families learn what their dogs want them to know, visit Liz at or Instagram @talkingwiththedogs.


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