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As you know it can be very difficult to process pet-loss grief. These free resources can help.

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Grief Bereavement

Writing a love letter to Wolfie was one method that helped mend my heart. Hundreds of people have now used this practice to find comfort. Download your copy now.

🐾 Beware of the Grief Patrol! 🚨 If you’re caught feeling the weight of pet loss grief, you might just get a ticket to stay home, rest, and allow yourself time to heal. 

Preparing for the grief can help. Download these anticipatory grief cards to process your emotions.

Wolfie's Wish Virtual Support Group

Join our community to share your struggles, stories and memories in a supportive environment.

Free 7-Day Grief Course for Pet Loss

Sign up for simple daily practices to navigate and understand your emotions after pet loss.


Grief Podcasts, Music & More

Tune in to the Wolfie’s Wish podcast, available now via Apple Podcasts.

Visit our press page to explore a variety of episodes featuring Erica Messer, Wolfie’s Wish founder.

Let this calming, guided meditation help you to find peace, allowing your feelings to move through you so they can be processed and gradually resolved.

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Wolfie’s Wish Facebook Support Group can help you connect with others.

Wolfie’s Wish Instagram page provides support, encouragement and a playful community to engage with others.

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