Coping with Pet Loss: Expert Insights from a Licensed Counselor

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Helping pet parents grieve with award winning products

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Gentle Pet Loss healing tools

Wolfie’s Wish award-winning Pet Loss Grieving Cards are the first of their kind. These double-sided affirmation cards are designed to facilitate healing with simple daily practices.

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Write a love letter to your pet Using this free template

Writing a love letter to Wolfie was one method that helped mend my heart. Dozens of people have used this practice to find comfort. Download your copy below.

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Wolfie's Wish love letter for people grieving pet loss

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Kristen Sze interviews Erica Messer, founder of Wolfie’s Wish, to discuss various coping mechanisms people can utilize to help process their grief when losing their pet.

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NPR's Dog Talk ® (And Kitties Too!)

Tracie Hotchner talks with Erica Messer creator Wolfie’s Wish pet grief products — in particular her “grief cards” which she made when she was devastated after the tragic death of her kitty. With her mother’s support, she turned her grief into helping others with the same struggle.

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